Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Milky Oats, Soothe My Soul

I LOVE Milky Oats! 
I love sowing them in the Spring- chanting and swaying and scattering their tiny hard bodies in the freshly worked soil. I love harvesting them in the Summer- gathering their juicy little cricket shells and sorting away the straw. I love making medicine with them in the Autumn- soaking them in sweet sugary glycerite until they’re juuuust right. Most of all, I love taking their medicine all year long- like the tin man’s oil can to calm and soothe my frazzled mind.

I look around this crazy fast-paced world and I know we all could use a little more Milky Oats (Avena Sativa or Avena Fatua)) in our lives. Here’s why:

myelin rebuilder, nerve supporter

Most of the nerve fibers in the body are covered with a myelin sheath. Sort of like the rubber coating that insulates the current running through electrical wires, the myelin sheath coats your nerves and protects the electrical impulses that surge through them. When the myelin sheath becomes weakened or damaged, the nerves cannot conduct electrical impulses properly. So many things can cause the breakdown of the myelin sheath such as stroke, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, infection, certain drugs and alcohol, and even stress. Demylinization can lead to permanent nerve damage. This is especially a problem for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Their myelin sheath breaks down over time, causing symptoms of MS like muscle weakness, confusion, trouble with balance, etc.

Milky oats can help to restore and rebuild damaged myelin sheath as well as to maintain healthy nerves. Loaded with minerals, this nervine tonic is a blessing to all who are feeling depleted. They’re soothing to the system, like a nice warm bath for your entire nervous system. Ahhh. Milky oats, take me away!

If you’re feeling the effects of stress or dealing with health problems related to your nervous system, you could fall in love with Milky Oats, too. I dare you! Love!