Friday, March 12, 2010

Community Supported Medicinal Herb Shares (CSM)

Spring is so close and we are getting excited to be preparing our new acre of land for planting the seeds of our vision! We are currently signing people up for our Community Supported Medicine Shares (CSM) and happy to be a new member of Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative to distribute our harvest and products. Check us out at

What is CSM?
CSM stands for Community Supported Medicine. The CSM model has been created by Lancaster Farmacy. Our goal is to work with Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative to distribute local organic herbs and herbal products for home health care. By purchasing a share, you receive harvested fresh and dried herbs and prepared herbal products from the farm. You will also receive information about medicinal usages and remedies for keeping you and your family healthy throughout the seasons. 

How much will I get?
In 2010 Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative will deliver 20 weeks of local organic herbal medicinal products to CSM members. All shareholders will receive a delivery every week and a delivery every other week for half shares. Items in shares will vary throughout the season.  In mid July shares will include several bunches of fresh herbs with recipes for making beneficial teas with herbs like chamomile for calming, lemon balm for energy, and hyssop for colds. Later in the fall when our harvest is slowing down you will receive prepared medicine products to expand your herbal medicine cabinet with things like tinctures for boosting immunity, tonics for aiding digestion, salves and oils for all purpose skin healing and herb infused bath salts for relaxing aching muscles.