Monday, April 26, 2010

Early April

Seedlings making their way strong at Riverview Organics Greenhouse in this pic are Mullein, Boneset, Pennyroyal, Holy Basil, Lavender, Bee Balm and so many 1,000's more!

A lot of our mature seedlings went off to customers all over the region 

Special heirloom pea variety that Rayne is helping us to plant. 

The sleeping giants of the newly tilled pea patch that Cedes did all on her own!

Nettle harvest in the foreground of marsh marigold in flower. 

Virginia Bluebells fill the hillside overlooking the Susquehanna River at Shenks Ferry. Magical!

Blue Cohosh finally unfurled. This plant is a powerful womens healing herb used as a uterine tonic, an emmenagoge. Great for premenstrual syndrome. 

Below Casey digs for some fresh spring beauty or cutleaf toothwort corms or maybe some fresh poke. 
Cut Leaf ToothWort  - The corms kind of look like teeth. It is an edible that tastes like horseradish so you can make your own wild garnish!

Early Poke (above) - This tender green is delicious if cooked the right way. Boil in water 3x before sauteing and it is a wonderful alternative to asparagus from the woods.

Wild Leeks/Ramps - Just like an onion/leek soooooo good!

Wild Leeks/Ramps - Just like an onion/leek soooooo good!

Japanese Knotweed (below)-  A highly invasive plant and delicious to eat. You can do two good things at once, harvest and cook and help keep native plants from being taken over.

This fresh from the woods wild harvest dinner has a little bit all of all these things 
(accept the Slow Rise bread)

Tulip Poplar emerging... a sign of morels

The Red Buds blossoming....!