Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Medicinal Plant Skill Share Workshop

Walking through the beds at Lancaster Farmacy. Plants in picture foreground are Bonset, a powerful cure all herb that people have used for centuries. It was typically found hanging in the rafters of most homes. It is used to delay the onset of flu or fever, taking the ache out of the bones, hence the name. It is also used for healing broken bones, making them stronger. It has a very bitter taste but that means it is a strong and powerful healer. We recently found some while swimming by a lake in the wild and have been since seeing it in many meadows and marsh like areas. It is ready to be harvested in this picture, right before the flowers fully open.
This was the second workshop we did as part of the Lancaster Skill Share Collective but was the first time we held a workshop on the farm and we really enjoyed sharing the abundance of plants and pollinators that surround us. We shared the knowledge we each had about the plants, how they grow and their uses. After walking through our herb beds, we gathered under the canopy tent (it was 100+ degrees!) and shared iced moon tea we made of Blue Hyssop, Lemon Bee Balm and Lemon Balm. Everyone shared their stories of healing in their lives and we all walked away with more understanding of ways to take care of the land and our communities.