Thursday, November 11, 2010

CSA Potluck at Autumn Blend Organics

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, the coop we are a farmer member of hosts many CSA potlucks throughout the growing season. It is a time when the farmers and their families gather with all the CSA members  and  share dishes they cook from the abundance of amazing produce grown by the 75 farmers in the coop. At a LFFC potluck it is typical to be held on an Amish farm where there are fun activities going on like hay rides, corner ball games and walking tours. This particular gathering was really special to us since a bus load of folks came down from Harlem, NY who started a CSA site for creating access to organic farm fresh food. their blog is A number of their folks were part of our CSM and it was so great to meet everyone in person. We heard so much positive feedback about the herbs they have been learning about from us and told us stories about how they were integrating natural health into their lives.

 Harvest from Autumn Blend Organics

We had a the best time meeting some of our Community Supported Medicine
Share members who came all the way from Harlem to visit.
Carrie, Chandra, Sojourner, Casey and Eli