Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Speedwell Veronica officinalis

Common names are Veronica, Bird's Eye, Ground-well and Common Speedwell

There is nothing “typical” about a green lawn when speedwell is around. These colorful (varying
shades of blue) vibrant thumbtack sized wildflowers are all over North America by at least a half dozen
common species. With three large petals and one smaller petal pointed down they gather in yards and
gardens. They are members of the figwort family that include mulleins, toadflaxes, snapdragons, and

It was once used to treat skin diseases, hemorrhages, wounds, coughs, and as a diuretic and
expectorant. The leaves were used in England as a substitute for tea. The Cherokee took this plant
with sweetener to get rid of coughs. They also used the warm juice to soothe earaches and a decoction
of the roots were said to help with childbirth. Speedwell has a great medicinal value for nervousness
caused by mental over exertion. One cup drunk before going to bed, through its soothing effect, is highly

Speedwell is one of the reasons we tell our friends to just let their lawn grow (you should too). Create
habitat for natures pollinators! Do away with the chemical carpet that we call lawn. If you mow, poison,
or “weed” your lawn you are not taking care of it. The land wants you to embrace the bio diversity that
it puts forth. Taking care would be to let it renew, regrow and of course rewild.

Oh and eat some by the way…the blue flowers make a great addition placed on top of icing on cupcakes
and the leaves, flowers, and stalks can be added to salads.