Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Farming is hard work!

In the first few weeks here on our small farm, we've already harvested hundreds of pounds of spring herbs! Nettles, dandelion, dock, and spicebush have graced the drying room with the first scents of spring. We've spent countless hours hoeing, planting, mulching. The asparagus is growing so fast we can't keep up with it!

But who is doing the most work?

This weekend, we got two new honeybee hives delivered and moved them into their new homes- one of which was custom built, just for them, out of an old Oak. More than 3000 bees live and work together in each hive, constantly moving, always hard at work. This week, the new bees will be working to find their queen, establish ranks, and get acclimated to their new surroundings. Once they're familiar with the farm, they will join the rest of our hives in arguably the hardest work there is- pollinating.

Then there are the plants- the reason we are all here. Eli pointed out this week that despite all of our sweat and sore muscles, it is really the plants that do the work on the farm. Started from tiny seeds just weeks ago, our green friends have grown in leaps and bounds, stretching and digging deep to root into the Earth that we've prepared for them. In the coming months, we'll see them reach their full potential as they blossom, bloom, and heal.

We're all working hard out here on the farm.
Humans, insects, plants, and more- together we make it happen.

Now get back to work!